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10 529.59 GRC

Expected Stake Daily:

10.00 GRC + 3.17 GRC

Expected Stake Time:

17.82 days (0.1/day)

Last Stake:

Block 2140361 (2021-01-10 13:48:32)

Owed Stake:

24.28 GRC
As a user on the BOINC platform you earn credit for work done. This credit is then translated to a Magnitude for rewards on the Gridcoin network. Read more about this process here.

Magnitude is rewarded as long as a valid Beacon contract is submitted to the network the last 180 days. Rewards older than 180 days can not be claimed.
Projects Stats
Rosetta@home LinusTechTips_Team 0.09  0
Milkyway@home LinusTechTips_Team 0.08  0
Gpugrid LinusTechTips_Team 0.08  0
Yoyo@home LinusTechTips_Team 0.09  0
Nfs@home LinusTechTips_Team 7.86 0.01
Lhc@home Classic LinusTechTips_Team 0.08  0
Numberfields@home LinusTechTips_Team 0.09  0
Collatz Conjecture LinusTechTips_Team 1080243.82 10.08
World Community Grid LinusTechTips_Team 1385.14 1.61
Universe@home LinusTechTips_Team 0.1  0
Yafu LinusTechTips_Team 0.09  0
Srbase LinusTechTips_Team 1319.07 0.25
Tn-grid LinusTechTips_Team 0.1  0
Amicable Numbers LinusTechTips_Team 3574.4 0.69
Odlk1 LinusTechTips_Team 2.08 0.01
Staking History
Since 2018 all blocks gains a fixed reward of 10.00 GRC plus collected fees and a variable magnitude reward.
Read more about how Magntiude is calculated in the FAQ.

These blocks were staked by this CPID user.
2021-01-10 13:48:32 2140361 10.00 GRC + 114.40 GRC 5
Please note that all data on this page is collected from public data on either of the following platforms. Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing or Gridcoin. Read on what and how you can remove yourself
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