Mandatory Update on block 2,104,000
Gridcoin Research has a mandatory update on block 2,104,000, in about 6.9 days. Version required! is a Block Explorer for the Gridcoin Network crypto currency chain.

We provide network information on the Gridcoin network, such as address holdings, polls, research reward predictions, Project Updates and Results and much more.

View the network blocks and history here.

Feedback can be posted on our Github Issue Tracker or to the Gridcoin Slack channel
News and Updates
Gridcoin 5.x support

Welcome to the first updated version of Gridcoinstats for the mandatory Gridcoin 5.x update.

During some time the page will look a little different than before, and it will not have all the features it used to have before the update. It will however have them again soon, and more to it.

To start with, the page will have the Blocks index, Transaction index and Address index. All using the same web-addresses as before to make sure all software relying on the page to continue working.

The CPID and Projects data will be next in line to arrive and soon after that we will have Polls, Project updates/news and network stats online again. A working Faucet is planned for a future update as well.

In the meantime, please take a look on how to support us.
We understand that advertisements are no fun, it is however our main source of income for the page.
Please support us in other ways.
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